Country Music: Selected Early Poems

Country Music: Selected Early PoemsCountry Music: Selected Early Poems by Charles Wright
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A first-rate collection by Charles Wright. Wright’s poetry is spiritual without being self-righteous or self-indulgent.

“When he lies down, the waters will lie down with him,
And all that walks and all that stands still, and sleep through the thunder.”

He is true to nature’s imagery but also is comfortable signifying through and by that imagery.

“Don’t wait for the snowfall from the dogwood tree.
Live like a huge rock covered with moss,
Rooted half under the earth and anxious for no one.”

He is not afraid of simplicity or of eloquence:

“Home is what you lie in, or hang above, the house
Your father made, or keeps on making,
The dirt you moisten, the sap you push up and nourish”

I enjoyed living some of my days reading this collection.

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