“Saint Friend” a fine collection by Carl Adamshick

“Saint Friend” a fine collection by Carl Adamshick

Saint FriendSaint Friend by Carl Adamshick
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This small collection is one of the finest I have read from a contemporary poet. Carl Adamshick writes with simple but supple grace and gives voices to others including Amelia Earhart. The poem “Layover” disguises craft under an illusion of stream of consciousness. But if you reread, it is hard to imagine a different order to the words. Poems abound in wonderful lines, a few of which I quote a here:

“…the moon laying its light on men

to their immediate selves”


“It is the solace of a shadow

lost on black water.”


“Growing up
I talked to the road near my house
when it was barren and straight miles
were buried under an eternity of moonlight.”


“It’s what we don’t
have words for
that grows lonely within us.”

We are all less lonely because Adamshick has given us some of the words with simple and profound eloquence.

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