Amazon customer reviews of “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves”

My thanks to all who wrote reviews of “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves” on Amazon.

I excerpt some comments that are deeply gratifying for a poet to read:

“the powerful closing poem I am of Appalachians” – Patrick Bradley

“Tactile experiences join ruminations: You feel the environment in these poems, or see rivers, creatures and sky with new eyes…. There is wonderful sense of place (or places) in these poems and language.” – Douglas Glenn Clark 

“Like a multi-textured cloth that you need to touch to understand, appreciate and enjoy. His stories remind me of my childhood, and for that I am greatful for his ability to bring his words to life.” – John Brining

“I could picture myself there as I read it.” – Janet Lyons

“These poems awaken the senses and are wonderful to read aloud.” – Alice Crane

“This honest and powerful book provides a compelling window into the development of the heart and mind of a man…” Mike Zitz

“The poems in this volume cover a variety of topics, but all of them are thoughtful and filled with insights. Sam writes lyrically…” Julia Ruengert

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