Beautiful and Evocative

Beautiful and Evocative

Flying At Night: Poems 1965-1985Flying At Night: Poems 1965-1985 by Ted Kooser
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“like the thin gray scarves
of immigrants
standing in line,
hands in their pockets,
cold fingers
pinching the lint
of their stories”

Thus Ted Kooser interweaves metaphor within metaphor, image within image, in this fine selection of poetry from 20 years of writing. His writing is lucid and simple, but beautiful and evocative. There are no sour notes, no tones of presumption or artificial distancing through obfuscation here.

“The dog gets stiffly up
and limps away, seeking a quiet spot
at the heart of the house. Outside,
in silence, with diamonds in his fur,
the winter night curls round the legs of the trees,
sleepily blinking snowflakes from his lashes.”

Mortality hovers over every poem, but its bittersweet knowledge brings forth poetry worth spending time with.

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