At the Raven’s Nest: “Once I Was a Starling”

At the Griffin: “The Sweetness of Color”

At the Griffin: “In Pennsylvania, in McKeesport”

At the Raven’s Nest : “Fireflies”

At the Griffin: “Waiting for Fire”

At the Griffin “Chasing Loons”

At the Griffin “Bend, Oregon: The Fourth of July”

At the Griffin “Wisdom of the Common Grackle”

At the Griffin “For Linda”

At the Griffin “I am of Appalachians”

At the Raven’s Nest “Fatherhood”

At the Griffin reading “Prelude: Inspirited”

At the Griffin reading “Grendel”

At the Griffin reading “Shouting Run into the Brain”

My complete reading at the Griffin Bookstore, June 2014:

My complete reading at the Ravens Nest coffeehouse 2014:

A reading of  “Momentum” from “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves” at Culpeper’s Raven’s Nest Cofffeehouse on July 11, 2014:




A reading of “Fatherhood” from “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves” at The Griffin Bookstore in Fredericksburj – June 22, 2014:



Three excerpts from a reading at Germanna Community College Fall 2007:





Here is a map showing my 1972 backpacking/hitchhiking trip that inspired the poems in “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves” – Section “Driftwood Memories or Waiting for Fire”:

1972 Trip Inspired Poems in "Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves"


The street I grew up on — 36th Street in McKeesport PA—as it looks today, much like in the 1950s. Still paved with red bricks. Poems from “Memories in Clay” the first section “Spring Near Emile Creek” were inspired here. The images the follow courtesy of Google Maps:



The house I grew up in while living in McKeesport. One room has been added in the back and siding instead of asbestos shingles.


Woods behind my house aerial view. The blue dot marks my home. My view was from 3 feet high or so as I played and explored here:

Woods-Emile Creek

Here is my Belleville Michigan home and neighborhood including the lake that I spent much time on boating, swimming, fishing, and walking across when it froze.

Bvillelk 408huronHere is a Google Map satellite view of Bend Oregon (far right), Tumalo Falls Road leading to the Falls (dimly seen in the center) and the Three Sisters mountains (far left). This is the first area I backpacked on my 1972 trip.



Images from my poetry readings:

Dr. David Sam poetry reading Dr. David Sam poetry reading Dr. David Sam poetry reading Dr. David Sam poetry reading

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