A Collection best read as aphorisms

A Collection best read as aphorisms

The Infant ScholarThe Infant Scholar by Kathy Nilsson
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In “The Infant Scholar,” Kathy Nilsson writes intentionally fractured verse, perhaps to reflect the chaos of life and the overwhelming flow of digitally provide information. This effect often works, as one line has much white space between itself and others and only an occasional grammatical connection. However, sometimes the technique seems used just for itself, frustrating a reader who wishes to travel with Nilsson through her experiences. It’s not as bad as some verse written as if with a random line generator, not by any means. And there are some fine lines and trenchant commentary:

“The pills you take to help you sleep, sleep for you”


“Free from attachment I live as though I were already dead”

In fact, if you read the book as a collection of aphorisms, you may enjoy it more.

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