Mountain Interval by Robert Frost

Mountain Interval by Robert Frost

Mountain IntervalMountain Interval by Robert Frost
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Frost is one of the few great poets who can write narrative verse, including conversation, and have it work both as story and as verse. This collection is held together by a theme of the relationship between humans, each other, and the natural world. There is cruelty, often unintentional or unknowing. But there is beauty in the intersection and the conflicts that result.

“The Road Not Taken” leaves its ambiguous ending hanging there: is it celebration, regret, or is it a facile narrator missing his own point? And in “Snow” the complexities of human feelings swirl with the storm that challenges Meserve to heroism or is it foolishness, or is it love for his wife?

Frost has often been underestimated, more by his fans than by some post-modernists who seem to loathe his writing. This collection bears rereading and savoring for its depths.

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