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Thank you to all the editors of the following publishers, journals and publications:



Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry 1980

 “On the Pavement”

 “All Journeys”
“Samuel Clemens’ Cat”


Dark Land, White Light  Chapbook 1974. Second Edition  Dark Land Publishing 2014
Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves Collection Dark Land Publishing  2014
Early in the Day:  Published and Selected Poems Chapbook Dark Land Publishing  2015
Finite to Fail: Poems After Dickinson Chapbook GFT Press 2017


50 Haikus

“April Haiku 1”
“April Haiku 2”

Aji Magazine

The Exile Ashore” (p. 37)
The Exile of Nowhere” (p. 38)
Of Bone and Limestone” (p. 96)
Past All Aging” (p. 97)
“Tanka: Evening Star”
The Wind’s Exile” (p. 39)

Allegro Poetry Magazine

Grammar Lessons” (Scroll down)
Happy Halloween
Outcast Winter” (scroll down)


Filing Papers in December

American Tanka


Arlington Literary Journal

Dark Fathers” (Issue 94)
Defiled by Exile” (Issue 94)
The Exile is Orphaned” (Issue 94)

Artemis Journal

Perfumes of Abandonment

The Bacon Review


Blue Unicorn

Hungry Inside

The Birds we Piled loosely

Bad Dreams” (p. 49)
Four Ambiguous Quatrains” (p. 61)
The Scorpion’s Psalm” (p. 23)

Blue Heron Review

A Matter of Gravity” (scroll down)

Buddhist Poetry Review

Becoming the Light
Uncrossed Frontier

Burningword Literary Journal

“A Paper of Breathings”

Carbon Culture Review

The Diversity of Habitable Zones
Fire, Food, Metal
The Wounds of Exile


“A Stark and Minimalist Poem”

Chantwood Magazine

“The Druid”
“The Gatekeeper”

Clementine Poetry Journal

Last Journal

The Crucible


Dark Matter

 “Schrödinger’s Anticipation” (p. 65)
She Asks me Inside” (p. 50)


 “Psalms in Pieces”

Dual Coast Magazine

 “All Journeys are Metaphors
The Exile Before His Desk

Empty Sink Publishing

Anticipating a Continuance
Chess Plays the Exile

 FLARE: The Flagler Review

Above Emile Creek” (p. 42)


The Darkening Horizon

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

The Harvest of Dreams
Visiting a Very Small Dark House

The Free Lance

Oregon, 1972

From the Depths

Treehouse Summer” (p. 17)

GFT Press

Becoming” *scroll down)
Song of the Sixth Extinction
The Exile at the Airport
The Exile has Visions
“The Stone Bird in Exile”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Anticipating Blindness


River and Father

Great River Review

Don’t Go Near the Edge
He Reconciles the Scientist and Poet
In Any Season
On the Pavement
We Almost Caught the Turning

Heart and Mind Zine

The Desert Rains

Heron Tree

After Bashō
The Difficulty of Morning
What is Still



Hungry Chimera

Resurrections of Lice” (p. 13)
Voices Done with Mirrors” (p. 14)

Hurricane Review

“A Matter of Gravity”
“A Way Home”
“Caregiver’s Song”
“CQ, the Sunset?”
“Don’t Go Near the Edge”
“Falling Again”
“Hope is a Song”
“In a Winter of Ice and Stars”
“Katrina Orphan”
“Light Pollution”
“On the Morning of the Third Day – Alamogordo”“On the White Surf”
“Preface: Clouds of Unknowing”
“Scientia: A Play of Voices”
“Scientist uses Astronomy to understand population distribution”
“Song of the Urban Dandelion”
“Tanaka 2”
“Tanaka of Cats”
“The Anthropic Cosmological Principle”
”The Sea as Seen in Fragments”
“Theology of Atmosphere”
“Three Photographs”
“Time Management”
“Too Much Too Little”


Into the Void Magazine

“Conservation of Matter and Energy”

 Inwood Indiana

The Exile of Mourning

LEAD Virginia Newsletter – 2010

Red Clay Sunrise

Jazz Cigarette

A Lark is Hunger in the Blood

Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry

“Four Measure Rest”
“Infinity of Nothing”
“Ways of Seeing”

Literature Today

“Echoes in Green”
“Murder in the Garden”
“The Exile’s Bride”
“The Nostalgia of Frisbees”

Magnolia Review

The Exile Knows this Ghost” (p. 72)

Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

“Crafting the Void”
“Whitman Deconstructed”
“Wrestling Proteus on the Beach”

On the Rusk

Stars, Drought, and Adam” (p. 26)

Piedmont Literary Review

Sonnet: Edward White

Piedmont Virginian Magazine

Words Written Along Stevensburg Road

The Poet

After Rain

Poetry Quarterly

“Drinking Heaven”
“Silent Lights”
“Under the Oak Tree”
“Winter Moon”

The Raven’s Perch

Authority of Stars
Banishment before Water
Called Home to Exile
The Commencement Address
Desolation Thesaurus
The Exile Meets the Boatman
The Exile’s Equinox
The Final Ambiguity of Exile
The Sleeper
Three Memos of a Sad Man
White Reconciliation

Red Earth Review

A Last Bend in the Huron River” p. 144
“The Right Agony”
“Surviving Nightfall”
Vessel” p. 145

Red Savina Review

Prayer of Vapor
Stone Birds


Back to the River

Route 7 Review

Emily’s Ghost Machine” (p. 82)

Rust and Moth


The Scapegoat Review

As Tart Cherries Are Still Sweet
Geology of The Blue Ridge
Flowing into the Adjacent Possible

Shabda Press Winter 2016 anthology Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands

“Cloud Chamber”
“Alamogordo – July 16, 1945”
“Nuclear Winter”

Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine

I Am Cardboard” (p. 120)
The Exile Breathes Sulfur” (p. 121)
Sugaring” (p. 4)
Whittling Emptiness” (p. 5)

Spirit Wind Poetry

Do They Sweep Streets
The Pantheistic Scientific Buddhist Tries to Live into the Mystery
To Spiral as Archimedes

Stone Country


Stoneboat Literary Journal


Summerset Review

Moonscaped: For Buzz Aldrin
Still Knowing
This Weaving

Tanka Journal

“Tanka: In a streak of blue”

Temenos Journal

Terminal Butterfly” (p. 39)

These Fragile Lilacs Poetry Journal

Runes” (p. 5)
Threnody for a Lost Cat” (p. 40)

Three Line Poetry

A Last Fragile Cloud of Summer
Blackberry Reduction – 3
The carillon has voices

Touch: : The Journal of Healing

Become a Dark Current
Becoming Stage Three
“Breaking Bones
The Work of the Body” (Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Two Cities Review

Final Inventory (On Her Dying)
September” (audio reading within Podcast)

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

“Aabsolute Zero”
Taconic Orogeny” (on p. 17 Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

The Voices Project

“War of Headlines”

The Wayfarer

“An Answer in Passage”
“The Crows and the Dove”

The Wayne Literary Review

Becoming November

The Write Place at the Write Time

Betrayals” (pp. 23-24)
Halloween” (p, 4)
Harrowing Hallows’ Evening” p. 4
“Interruption in August”
Still Life: Old Man with Mockingbird” (p. 2)
“The Study of Metaphysics”

The Yellow Chair Review

Cutting Deeper” (p. 114)
The Alien in Meeting” (p. 45)
Ghosts: paper or Plastic” (p. 87)

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